Church of Christ on Country Club Road

Our History

          Alexander Campbell Chapman came to Texas in 1870 and settled southwest of the present Bardwell. The Chapman family worshipped with a group of Christians that met near what is now Ennis. Around the turn of the century, Christians in Bardwell and Garrett sponsored a mission meeting in Ennis. James S. Dunn was invited to hold a protracted tent meeting. As a result, a congregation was established and elders and deacons were selected.

          For some time the church met in the home of Naith Hellums and his wife. In 1908 the city hall was used as a meeting place. In May, 1910 the church building located at West Avenue and Sherman Street was rented from the Presbyterian Church. A year later this property was purchased and was the home of a growing congregation for the next 63 years.

          The Ennis Avenue Church of Christ moved to the corner of Gilmer (now Country Club) and Baldridge Streets on February 4, 1973. The annex building was moved from the old location. It now serves as office and library space. In 1990’s a Family Life Center was added to better serve the needs of our members and the community.

          Through the years, this church has been faithfully served by men and women who have sought to share the Good News of Christ in this community and around the world. A partial list of elders, deacons, and ministers is posted in our lobby.

          Mission efforts in past years have included the Northeast, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Guadalajara. We currently support John and Beth Reese through World Bible School, David and Danna Willis in American Samoa, and Ken and Judy Kendall-Ball in South Africa, as well as helping Felton and Betty Smith travel to Ukraine to work with orphans in their summer camps.



Our Elders

W. Allen Campbell

John M. Merritt

W.E. Porter

A.J. Ramsey

Selma Rains

Earl Grizzard

Dr. J.W. Tolleson

George T. Yowell

Weldon T. Jones

Harry Burden

S.A. Cooke

J.D. Kendall

Edsel Paden

Willie Murff

Leroy Brunson

Bill Kinzie

Donald Hart

Bob Beakley

Larry Sullivan

Al Batten

Felton Smith

Morris Weller

Ron Inmon

David Estes

Harold Mazy

Jerry Linker

John Freeman

Rodney Solomon

Ollie Harwell

Wayne Scott


Our Deacons


J.N. Fitzgerald

Firm Merritt

Al E. Ramsey

Emmitt Smith

A.V. Towles

Marvin Willis

J.D. Kendall

Ansley Grant

S.A. Cooke

S.L. Brunson

Jack Gerron

B.J. Hart

J.G. Head

Willie Murff

A.F. Swindell

Doyle Watson

Olen Bailey

Al Batten

Monte Berry

Charles Coile

Hollis Cooke

Donald Hart

Glenn Hyde

Stan Lambert

Greg McElroy

Billy McElroy

Gary Paden

Glendale Phillips

Cliff Robinson

Bill Kinzie

Edsel Paden

Charles Macalik

Felton Smith

Bill Huthmacher

Larry Davis

David Willis

David Estes

David Dodson

Truman Little

Ronnie Davis

Corey Jones

John Freeman

Jack McElroy

Sam Harrell

James Steele

Kelly Boston

Mark Eaton

Larry Raburn

Chris Reese

Ed Green

Kevin Culpepper

Rodney Solomon

Our Ministers

Wilbur H. White—1915

Ben West

A.E. Walker

L. V. Nobles

O.E. Wooldridge

H.A. Wimbish

Gayle Oler

L.E. Dugger

LeRoy Brownlow

Howard White

E. Findley

Elmer W. Key

L.L. Jameson

Tillet S. Teddlie

Frank L. Cox

Lon O. Goodrum

Thomas D. Compton

Albert F. Brown

John Anders

Bob Herd

Willard Tedford

Brent Isbell

John Sullivan

Darryl Willis

Gary Frazier

Scott Brazell

Mitch Lindsey—Youth

Bryan Barrett—Youth

Robert Moore-Youth

Landon Collard-Youth

Jeremy Smith-Youth

Tim Paden – Youth

Scott Brazell – Youth

Dean Willis - Youth

Joseph McWhorter - Young Adult Minister

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