C4 Connect


C4 Connect Registration Guide

  1. In a browser, go to c4ennis.org
  2. Click on C4 Connect button.
  3. Save this page in your favorites for future reference.
  4. For first time registration, click “I do not know my passcode or an "I not have a passcode”
  5. Enter your email address. It must be the same email address that we have on file.
  6. Enter the numbers you see on the site.
  7. Click continue.
  8. Check your email and enter your Passcode below. Note: It may take several minutes for your Passcode to be delivered. Be sure to check your spam or junk folders too.
  9. Now Log In by entering your email address you just used and enter the passcode that was just emailed to you.
  10. You will now see your profile.
  11. Click the settings (gear icon) at the top of the page and update your passcode to your own personal passcode. You will need to enter the passcode just received by email and then update to your own passcode.
  12. From this page, you can update your information, view the directory online or the calendar.
  13. Please reach out to the office if you have any questions.